With the information of the Netflix adaptation of Avatar: The Final Airbender (ATLA) wrapping up its season one filming, in addition to the latest announcement of a number of new animated motion pictures set throughout the ATLA universe being made by Paramount and Nickelodeon, followers of the collection have a lot to sit up for. This content material would be the first from the ATLA universe because the conclusion of the sequel collection Legend of Korra in 2014.

With expansions of the universe and the highly-anticipated new live-action Netflix collection, followers of ATLA will be capable to be taught increasingly more in regards to the characters and tales that exist throughout the universe. ATLA has an extremely numerous array of personalities, every particular person with their very own quirks that make them nice matches for the indicators of the Zodiac.


12 Zuko – Aries

Zuko in Avatar The Last Airbender

Aggressive and passionate to a fault, the disgraced son of Firelord Ozai, Zuko, is a real embodiment of the fireplace signal Aries. Those that fall underneath this signal are sometimes wide-eyed and discontent, not stopping till all aspects of their lives are as they’ve dreamed they might be. For Zuko, this implies bringing the Avatar to his father to clear his identify.

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With a fiery mood and an especially blunt persona, Zuko is really an Aries to the core. He tends to get extraordinarily labored up when issues go towards him. Concurrently, he’s not good at being light with criticisms or observations, typically pointing issues out with a frankness that may typically be taken as impolite.

11 Bumi – Taurus

A profile screenshot of King Bumi from Avatar: The Last Airbender

The previous finest pal of Aang earlier than he disappeared for 100 years and a mentor and king of Omashu is a superb earth bender and a Taurus. The earth signal is represented by depth, laborious work, and ambition, all traits King Bumi represents to the fullest.

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From his rambunctious childhood to his equally as wild Kingdom, Bumi is a free spirit who has a powerful inner sense of self and isn’t afraid to do his personal factor. His ambition and laborious work are proven via his rise to King of Omashu and his mastery of earth-bending.

10 Aang – Gemini

The Gemini is recognized for his or her adept communication talents, their ardour for his or her work, and their energetic and optimistic angle. All of those traits vastly embody the Avatar, Aang, whose extremely optimistic outlook, mixed along with his uncanny capability to make associates all over the place he goes, makes him a real Gemini.

Along with being an air signal, the image that represents Gemini is the twins Castor and Pollux, which signify the 2 totally different sides that Gemini has at their disposal to indicate the world. Aang’s two sides manifest inside his connections in each the spirit world and the bodily world that he possesses because the Avatar.

9 Katara – Most cancers

Katara smiles as ice forms behind her in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

One of many three water indicators, those that fall underneath the signal of Most cancers are extremely in tune with their feelings and are very loyal and loving people. Katara, along with her love and take care of these in her circle and her capability to remain robust and work via her feelings after the lack of her mom, is a basic Most cancers.

Outdoors of the emotional and loving facet, Katara actually reveals her Most cancers facet via her loyalty to those that she involves belief. Her instant belief and take care of Aang, in addition to her (considerably misplaced) belief in Jet when she begins to love him, showcases her Most cancers-like loyalty to a fault.

8 Azula – Leo

Azula Laughs From Behind A Burning Volleyball Net On Avatar The Last Airbender

With a Leo’s central traits being daring, energetic, and extremely assured in oneself, no character embodies the fireplace signal greater than Azula. Her excessive vanity and talent to place herself and her ambitions earlier than anybody else highlights her Leo persona.

Azula is properly conscious of her prowess on the bodily entrance, from her energy to her adept fire-bending, and he or she is immensely pleased with them. She considers herself to be a pacesetter and demonstrates it inside her group of associates, typically taking cost in an unbelievable Leo trend.

7 The Cabbage Service provider – Virgo

The Cabbage Merchant embraces his cabbage in Avatar The Last Airbender

The Virgo is characterised by smarts, sophistication, and a must have issues extremely organized. With regards to ATLA characters, followers can be hard-pressed to call a extra organized and complicated character than the Cabbage Service provider of the Earth Kingdom.

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Recognized for his wanton appearances in varied cities the place his cabbage stands are destroyed time and time once more, the Cabbage Service provider embodies the Virgo signal via his organizational expertise regardless of these setbacks. His touring smarts are additionally adept, as he is ready to make his method across the Earth Kingdom safely and swiftly regardless of quite a few risks.

6 Suki – Libra

Libra, represented by the scales, is clever and sort and all the time prepared to selflessly put others first. Suki, the chief of the Kyoshi Warriors, is a pure instance of this mix of selflessness and kindness, continuously placing herself in locations to assist in ways in which solely a Libra may.

From her care of Appa to her and her fellow Kyoshi Warriors’ resistance in direction of the Fireplace Nation throughout the Earth Kingdom, Suki is endlessly selfless. That is most prominently on show when she fights Ty Lee, Mai, and Azula to permit Group Avatar to flee.

5 Sokka – Scorpio

Pushed by emotion and extremely beneficiant and imaginative, the older brother and non-bending protector of the group, Sokka embodies the water signal Scorpio. He’s typically discovered to be sporting his feelings on his sleeve however reveals limitless love for his sister and different companions.

Sokka’s greatest showcase of Scorpio traits comes from his willingness to present his absolute all to any activity at hand. His creativeness is proven via his well-known plans, and his dedication to serving to Aang fulfill his future because the Avatar after they discover him in an iceberg is admirable.

4 Uncle Iroh – Sagittarius

Uncle Iroh Avatar The Last Airbender

The strong-willed, humorous, and beneficiant Sagittarius signal is really embodied by the lovable Uncle Iroh. His love for Zuko, his dedication to nonetheless joke and luxuriate in life after the dying of his son, and his pureness and giving persona that he showcases all through the collection cement him within the fireplace signal.

A pure chief, Uncle Iroh’s Sagittarius persona actually shines when he reveals his willingness to enter exile with Zuko in order that his nephew has a job mannequin to assist him develop. This selflessness and talent to fully change his allegiances to stick with Zuko and pursue his tea store are extremely indicative of the big-heart Sagittarius indicators typically carry.

3 Toph – Capricorn

avatar the last airbender

Cussed, unbiased, and hardworking, the Capricorn will all the time keep on with their weapons and do what their thoughts is ready on. Toph, along with her unbelievable work ethic and hard-headedness on the subject of working with others, units her squarely as a Capricorn.

As grounded as an earth signal will be and fully decided to attain her objectives, Toph’s Capricorn facet actually reveals inside her stubbornness with the remainder of the group and her earth-bending classes. She believes there’s a method that issues ought to be finished and won’t budge for Aang, Katara, or anybody else.

2 Ty Lee – Aquarius

Distinctive and particular person, these underneath the Aquarius indicators march to the beat of their very own drum along with being extremely pleasant and picked up. Ty Lee, one of the distinctive people throughout the Avatar universe, falls straight underneath the Aquarius vibe.

From her ardour for acrobatics and her position within the circus regardless of others disapproving to her immense take care of these exterior of herself, Ty Lee actually embodies the Aquarius signal. Her uniqueness in using chi-blocking in fight simply provides to her individuality and private model.

1 Mai – Pisces

avatar Mai

Regardless of being from the Fireplace Nation, Mai embodies the Pisces water signal via her quiet energy, intuitive thoughts, and keenness on the subject of relationships. She is rarely afraid to let others know what she is considering, particularly on the subject of Zuko and their relationship.

Her robust will and talent to movement along with her intestine intuition come from her upraising in a powerful political household, and help in her categorization underneath the Pisces signal. Whereas her stoic persona will be mistaken for apathy, she feels her feelings deeply and is extremely trustworthy with herself and others, particularly in her relationship with Zuko.

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