With its illustration on the favored present Stranger Issues, many individuals are itching to play the tabletop role-playing recreation Dungeons and Dragons. The sport revolves round making a extremely customizable character, providing numerous courses and races to select from, together with permitting full inventive freedom for a backstory.

As enjoyable as it’s making a D&D character, it may be fairly daunting contemplating the entire choices. To assist resolve, it may be helpful to match the courses to every Enneagram kind, for these looking for to make a personality that works properly with their persona.


9 Kind 1-Paladin

An illustration of a paladin in Dungeons & Dragons

Kind Ones, who are sure by robust rules and urges to do good, are positive to suit properly with the selection of a paladin. This class revolves across the upholding of justice and the usage of goodness to fight the evils which can be uncovered throughout adventures.

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After deciding on a category, a participant should select a subclass, which hones in on their character’s specialty. With paladins, all of their subclasses revolve round oaths. Whether or not a participant chooses Oath of Devotion or Oath of Conquest, there are a lot of choices for a Kind One to personalize their robust set of rules.

8 Kind 2-Cleric

A cleric with their hands outstretched using a spell in Dungeons & Dragons

Kind Twos attempt to be valued and appreciated, and obtain these titles by serving to and supporting these round them. It is a excellent match for the cleric class, who’re invaluable celebration members that use divine magic to help others.

Each class has a sure position in an adventuring celebration, and clerics are identified to be healers. Martial gamers depend on their cleric mates for therapeutic when their hit factors are low, which clerics ship from spells granted by their chosen deity. Whereas excellent for Kind Twos, clerics are additionally good for the ISFJ MBTI® persona kind.

7 Kind 3-Fighter

Kind Threes are achievers and go-getters, finally pushing themselves to be one of the best they are often. This persona kind would discover a house with the fighter, a extremely customizable class that focuses on martial fight.

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Fighters are based mostly on talent. Their energy comes from their coaching and preventing capability, which have to be robust with a view to achieve success in fight. Kind Threes will take pleasure in fighters, as they supply fixed alternatives for a personality’s development in energy, tact, and martial intelligence.

6 Kind 4-Bard

Dungeons & Dragons Multiverse of Monsters Bard Cover

Self-expression, individualism, and creativity are all important traits of the Kind 4 persona kind. Naturally, one of the best class for this enneagram is the bard, a category rooted in dramatic and musical expertise.

The romantic and inventive traits of the bard usually are not the one causes they’re a superb match for a Kind 4. They’re extremely versatile, expert in not simply an instrument but additionally magic and martial preventing. Regardless of the ironic stereotype the category has adopted, it is not arduous to make a one-of-a-kind bard character, particularly with so many character choices and alternatives, like its many subclasses that needs to be tried not less than as soon as.

5 Kind 5-Wizard

Artwork showing a wizard casting a spell in D&D

With a robust want for data and understanding, it is no shock that Kind Fives are most in widespread with wizards, which is a category that achieves its magical powers from intense learning and mastery.

As a way to have a profitable and highly effective wizard, a personality will need to have a excessive capability rating in intelligence, which is a wizard’s spellcasting capability. In contrast to sorcerers, who get their magical powers from natural means, wizards rely on data with a view to hone their craft, which pushes them to be consistently striving for info.

4 Kind 6-Druid

Whereas a Kind Six’s suspicion and mistrust of the world could also be akin to a rogue, a druid might be one of the best class for the persona kind. That is due to one necessary facet of Kind Sixes: belief and loyalty. Rouges belief nobody, whereas druids are deeply devoted and reliable to nature.

Druids draw on the powers of nature to guard themselves. Whereas there are a lot of enemies that may threaten a personality, druids can all the time belief nature to help them of their battles, whether or not by calling on it for spells or altering their very own kinds into these of untamed animals. Except for their loyalist tendencies, druids even have quite a few cool subclasses, just like the Unearthed Arcana subclass Circle of Stars.

3 Kind 7-Ranger

D&D Ranger

Although the adventurous spirit of a Kind Seven might be synonymous with any D&D class, there’s one explicit class which may present one of the best match. Kind Sevens, who thrive in freedom and new alternatives, will discover essentially the most commonality with the fearless, impartial rangers.

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Rangers stay on the outskirts of society, utilizing their robust searching skills to thrust back evil. They’re properly accustomed to a gritty life removed from the comforts of house, and their independence leads them to a life filled with journeys, adventures, or something the other of settling down.

2 Kind 8-Barbarian

Dungeons & Dragons Goliath Barbarian

The robust, succesful, and domineering traits of Kind Eights make them excellent candidates for the barbarian class. Barbarians, masters of martial power, depend on their animalistic nature and rage to make them unbeatable opponents.

Barbarians are succesful, livid, and an awesome selection for many who need to hardly ever fall unconscious in fight. When it comes to stats, Kind Eights can be glad to know this class works properly with a excessive structure capability rating. For additional alternatives for power, barbarians have the selection of some overpowered subclasses, just like the Totem Warrior subclass.

1 Kind 9-Monk

Kind Nines, who’re identified to be easy-going and peaceable, ought to decide the monk for his or her D&D class. Although characters which can be monks, or any class, can have no matter persona the participant chooses, this class is usually identified to be religious, disciplined, and lawful.

Monks examine in monasteries and often come from a structured way of life. Although adventuring supplies inevitable battle, monks depend on their peaceable and communal nature to beat the trials and chaos of their journies.

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