Most U.S. Presidents seem in biopics, however from time to time, a nonconforming portrayal of POTUS arises, and the latest instance is Uma Thurman’s casting as President Ellen Claremont within the upcoming Pink, White, and Royal Blue. The upcoming Amazon Prime Video unique is an LGBTQ+ rom-com that follows the First Son of america getting into right into a homosexual relationship, and it will be fascinating to see how Claremont offers with that as POTUS.

There are such a lot of different hilarious depictions of the U.S. President whether or not fictional or real-life. Between a futuristic president who’s sponsored by Mountain Dew, an imposter who does a greater job than the true factor, and a few hilarious George W. Bush depictions, comedic presidents are lowkey nice roles for actors to indicate their vary.


10 Mays Gilliam (Head Of State)

Whereas Chris Rock is greatest often known as a comedy actor, Head of State noticed him develop into one thing of an auteur. He not solely starred within the 2003 comedy but additionally wrote and directed the film, too. The movie may not be probably the most established directorial debut of all time, however Rock is hilarious as at all times.

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The comic performs Mays Gilliam, who turns into the unlikely Democratic Occasion candidate after each different doable candidate dies in a airplane crash. The character is often eccentric, loud, and outspoken, similar to most of Rock’s different characters, however seeing that position as a presidential candidate provides a contemporary spin on the archetype. And, in opposition to all odds, Gilliam wins the election and turns into president, and the movie finally ends up turning into surprisingly sentimental with robust messages about welfare and inequality in Black communities in america.

9 President Camacho (Idiocracy)

Mike Choose’s Idiocracy greatest predicts the way forward for humankind, because it follows Joe, who’s frozen then unthawed 500 years later, and he finds that everybody in America has a low IQ. That features the President of america, President Camacho (Terry Crews). Camacho’s full title is Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho, and his center title is Mountain Dew as a result of the soda firm sponsors the POTUS.

The character is the dumbest president in film historical past, as he waters crops with power drinks and shoots machine weapons in court docket while sporting an American flag as a cape. Crews steals the present each time he is on display because the outgoing president, even when the character is immediately disliked.

8 George W. Bush (W.)

George W. Bush clasps his hands and puts his head on his desk in W.

Whereas motion pictures based mostly on real-life biopics are usually dramatic biopics a few monumental second of their careers, W. is not so dramatic, however it is as a lot of a comedy that it virtually appears like a spoof. W. follows George W. Bush (Josh Brolin) – the forty third President of america – throughout three essential moments in his life: failing to run an oil firm, failing to run a baseball crew, and failing as President.

Brolin comedically performs Bush, and although he does not have probably the most uncanny resemblance to the politician and has a a lot greater body, the actor nails the President’s mannerisms. Brolin particularly perfected the hilarious approach the President typically turned flustered in interviews.

7 President Rathcock (Machete Kills)

Solely in a film the place an murderer named Machete goes into house would persuade Charlie Sheen to play the President of america, President Rathcock. The primary Machete was already based mostly on outdated B-movies and are fully outrageous, however Machete Kills takes it to a different stage.

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The movie follows Machete, who’s personally employed by Rathcock to take down an arms supplier (Mel Gibson.) The 2013 film is stuffed with out-of-place science fiction moments and terrible-looking CGI, nevertheless it’s nonetheless a lot enjoyable. Sheen notably returns together with his comedy chops that made parody motion pictures like Sizzling Pictures! Half Deux so humorous. The character can be very self-aware, and with the way in which President Rathcock wields a machine gun within the oval workplace, it is virtually as if a studio really greenlit Michael Scott’s Risk Stage Midnight.

6 Merkin Muffley (Dr. Strangelove)

Merkin Muffley in Dr. Strangelove

Peter Sellers performs a number of characters within the comedy basic Dr. Strangelove, most notably RAF trade officer Lionel Mandrake and the titular nuclear battle professional. However the low-key funniest character he performs within the film is the President of america, Merkin Muffley.

Regardless of American presidents at all times making an attempt to look robust, Muffley comes off as hilariously weak, particularly when talking with different nation leaders. In a single scene when an airstrike is about to hit Russia, Muffley, on the cellphone, hilariously tries to persuade a person named Dimitri that it is a pleasant name, although hydrogen bombs are heading his approach.

5 Dave Kovic (Dave)

Dave 1993

Dave Kovic is not really the President of america in Dave. However, as he has an uncanny resemblance to President William Mitchell, he’s requested by Secret Service to be one thing of a stand-in when Mitchell has a stroke. That ends in Dave ultimately finishing up presidential duties, doing an unbelievable job, and giving Mitchell a a lot better public picture than what he initially had.

The 1993 film is ridiculous and fully unrealistic, nevertheless it’s each sentimental and hilarious, and Dave makes being a President look straightforward. It is not straightforward for an actor to make comedy work with out anyone to bounce off, however Dave studying the way in which the President speaks and acts on his personal makes for among the most hilarious scenes of the Nineteen Nineties. Whereas director Ivan Reitman has so many classics underneath his belt, together with Ghostbusters, Dave is well one in every of Reitman’s greatest motion pictures.

4 James Dale (Mars Assaults!)

The President fights a robot hand on his shoulder from Mars Attacks!

Presidents present up in virtually each alien invasion film, and their scenes tend to see them ordering huge-scale assaults on the aliens. However James Dale (Jack Nicholson) is a extra welcoming and far more forgiving president. Dale needs nothing extra for the aliens to come back in peace, however that is precisely the alternative of what occurs.

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Nicholson and director Tim Burton have labored collectively on numerous events, however the actor’s characters are killed in virtually each film they collaborate on, and Mars Assaults! isn’t any completely different. Dale has some of the epic film deaths ever, as he’s killed with a Martian gadget disguised as a hand, and that was after an assassination try the place a Martian was disguised as a gorgeous feminine human. Nicholson has at all times thrown himself into each position, and he clearly has enjoyable taking part in eccentric characters. James Dale is an ideal instance of that, because the actor hams it up in each scene, whether or not it is his dying or his optimism in the direction of the Martians.

3 Janie Orlean (Do not Look Up)

President Janie Orlean at the White House in Don't Look Up

Adam McKay’s Do not Look Up is the newest film that encompasses a comedic portrayal of the President of america. Janie Orlean is a despicable human and can do something to remain in workplace. It is a satire of contemporary occasions, and whereas Janie is despicable, the movie is satirizing the way in which People eat politics, and the way in which politicians make the most of that.

Janie’s look is simply as ridiculous as her actions, whether or not it is her “Do not lookup” hat that is parodying the MAGA hats or her again tattoo. However for as ridiculous as she is and the horrible issues she stands for, Janie would completely win The Starvation Video games.

2 Nixon (Dick)

Nixon speaking with two teenagers in Dick

Richard Nixon has been depicted numerous occasions in motion pictures, whether or not it is within the epic superhero film Watchmen or the biographical drama Frost/Nixon. However one comedy portrayal of the thirty seventh President of america that goes missed is in Dick. The film is a reimagining of the Watergate Scandal, which ended Nixon’s presidency.

Within the film, two teenage women find yourself inadvertently turning into the whistleblowers of the Watergate Scandal. Dan Hedaya performs the previous President within the 1999 film, and he performs it usually sleazy. Hedaya is such a enjoyable character actor and has impeccable management over his facial expressions, and he turns the efficiency into an absolute caricature with the way in which he pulls over-the-top expressions. Nevertheless it’s Will Ferrell who steals the present within the film, because the comedy actor performs Bob Woodward, the journalist who introduced Nixon down.

1 George W. Bush (Vice)

W. is not the one comedic portrayal of George W. Bush, as Vice additionally options the president, solely he is the supporting character to Dick Cheney, the Vice President of america. That is virtually poetic, because it has lengthy been rumored that Cheney was actually the one making the choices when Bush was in energy, and that is precisely what the film depicts.

Sam Rockwell performs Bush within the 2018 dramedy, and it is a good higher efficiency than in W. Not solely does Rockwell seem like the previous President, however he has the accent and the mannerisms down completely. And the way in which the character appears to be like to Cheney to repair his issues hasn’t been depicted in a political film in regards to the president earlier than. The portrayal of Bush in Vice is simply eye-opening as it’s humorous.

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