Many Pokémon followers regard Gen 1 as the most effective within the sequence. Not solely was it the place most individuals started their journeys with the franchise, however it additionally gave the world characters which are iconic to this present day, most notably of which is the mascot Pikachu. Even Recreation Freak has caught on to the love for this technology, as Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee have been solely targeted on them.

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With 151 beloved creatures to catch within the Kanto Area, we’re trying on the 10 greatest from Gen 1. This has little to do with their viability, however extra to do with their designs and general significance to the franchise.


Up to date on February twenty sixth, 2022 by Quinn Levandoski:  There clearly hasn’t been any new Pokémon added to the primary technology, however it’s been spectacular how nicely Recreation Freak and The Pokémon Firm have stored the unique 151 pocket monsters related. Alternate evolutions or varieties have granted some new life, and others stay fashionable because of the anime or different popular culture types of media.

The Pokémon franchise has proven time and time once more that it’s not going anyplace. Whereas every new technology of Pokemon introduces new fan-favorites and welcomes new avid gamers to the fandom, for some, there isn’t a beating the originals.


Ash's Pikachu from the Pokémon television series

Pikachu is undoubtedly probably the most fashionable Pokémon within the franchise’s storied historical past. It is lovely, yellow, and simply plain cool. There was a cause it was chosen to be the sequence’ mascot. Nearly everybody on this planet is aware of who Pikachu is, and it is easy to see why it is so fashionable. Pikachu’s design is among the greatest from the technology, being easy but totally different sufficient to speak what the world of Pokémon is all about.

Pikachu has since been used within the anime, all types of video games, and was featured in loads of spin-offs like Pokkén Event and Tremendous Smash Bros. Final. The love for Pikachu won’t ever die.


Pokemon Sword and Shield Starmie

Pokémon from a number of generations have been criticized for unpopular designs, and several other of them drew ire for trying too much like real-world objects and animals. Starmie, and its predecessor Staryu, appeared to flee most complaints regardless of easy starfish-like visible types. This can be due to how rock-solid Starmie has at all times been in battle.

Its Water/Psychic typing grants it strong STAB protection, and entry to out-of-type strikes like Thunderbeam and Ice Beam enable it to verify a big portion of enemy fighters. Sadly, none of its Talents are fairly as spectacular.


Arguably the preferred alternative out of the three Kanto starters was Charmander. The explanation for that is that individuals have been rewarded for coaching a Charmander with a gnarly Charizard. This orange reptile might appear to be a Pokémon that ought to have had totally different typing, however Charizard has since remained probably the most fashionable Pokemon within the sequence.

Not solely was it the one developed Kanto starter that Ash had within the anime (and the one one to persistently reappear), however it was additionally chosen to get two Mega Evolutions, a Gigantamax type, and appeared in three entries in Tremendous Smash Bros. as a playable fighter. Even when Pokémon Coach was dropped from the sequence, Charizard stayed within the recreation.


Eevee Sitting on Floor in Interior

Eevee is an attention-grabbing Pokémon. Whereas most evolution paths in Gen 1 have been linear, gamers had three selections with Eevee within the type of Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon. This versatility made it a extremely desired Pokémon. On high of that, Eevee additionally had a cute design that made it a favourite amongst followers and the prime option to function a counterpart to Pikachu.

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Eevee has solely been gifted extra evolutions because the sequence has expanded, having a complete of eight totally different evolutions as of Gen VI. Eevee won’t be fairly as fashionable as Pikachu, however there isn’t any denying that it has made its personal affect on the franchise.



With regards to the unevolved starter varieties, it is tough to argue with the allure of Squirtle. This lovely turtle has every part followers need in a fundamental Pokémon. It is cute with out being too funny-looking, it is cool with out feeling overdesigned, and it’ll evolve into among the finest Pokémon of the technology.

Squirtle was usually chosen the second most out of the three starters, however it’s nonetheless been persistently thought of among the finest starter Pokémon within the franchise. With regards to water Pokémon, Squirtle remains to be probably the most fashionable. That is helped by the truth that Squirtle and its evolutions made it into just a few spin-off titles as playable characters.


Gyarados Pokemon

Nobody caught a Magikarp as a result of they beloved it. Everybody caught a Magikarp as a result of they wished to boost it to stage 20 and use a Gyarados. Gyarados is a fearsome and highly effective Pokémon, however the truth that it evolves from one thing so doubtlessly ineffective is why it stays so memorable.

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Gyarados did not turn into competitively viable till receiving a Mega Evolution in Gen VI, however it remained a well-liked Pokemon nonetheless. Its sheer measurement and indignant look have been greater than sufficient for folks to turn into accustomed to it. It was additionally the one Pokémon to resemble a sea monster so vividly, making it stand out.


Pokemon TCG Gengar Card Art Clay Sculpture

The primary ghost-type within the Pokémon franchise remains to be probably the most memorable. Gengar is nearly as iconic as a ghost Pokémon can get with out stepping on Pikachu’s toes. Created as a direct reply to the highly effective psychic sorts, Gengar is a robust and speedy Pokémon who would later have a critical affect on the meta when it obtained a Mega Evolution in Gen VI and a Gigantamax type in Gen VIII.

Gengar’s design is straightforward but efficient. A bonus is that it in some way mirrors Clefable’s design, which led to loads of attention-grabbing theories a couple of connection between the 2 species. Sadly, Gengar is a tough monster to accumulate because it’s certainly one of a number of Pokémon that solely evolve via buying and selling.


Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres

It is tough to separate these three birds due to how linked they’re within the Kanto Area. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have been the unique legendary trio within the franchise, they usually get loads of love for that. These three would seem in quite a few different video games that passed off outdoors of the Kanto Area, like Pokémon X and Y.

They have been the primary legendary Pokémon that many gamers ever caught and required looking in icy caves and previous energy crops to seek out. This trio was reinvigorated with new Galarian varieties in Pokémon Sword and Defend.


Scyther in the Pokemon anime

Scyther did not have a big effect on the Pokémon sequence, however its design alone made it value a spot on the checklist. Scyther was loosely based mostly on a praying mantis, and Recreation Freak took loads of inventive liberty with the design. It is imposing, cool, and appears surprisingly threatening.

Contemplating a lot of the bug-type Pokémon on the time have been both cute or simply anime variations of real-world bugs, Scyther was a welcome change of tempo. Scyther would later achieve an evolution in Gen II within the type of Scizor, and an alternate evolution, Kleavor, in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.


Dragonair Lets go Pikachu

Whereas Dragonite is the gen 1 Dargon that the majority usually appeared in battle, Dragonair advantages from having a way more attention-grabbing design. Whereas it is based mostly on a serpent much like Gyarados, Dragonair is far more slender and chic.

It reveals off the legendary nature of dragons whereas not being so overdesigned. It is easy, smooth, and exquisite. It is unlucky that its evolution did not mirror any of that. Dragonite is cool in its personal method, however many would have most popular one thing nearer to Dragonair. Many gamers might have missed Dragonair because it’s one of many hardest Pokémon to catch.


Pokemon Multiple Mewtwo Not Unique Genesect Awakened Movie

A long time after his creation, Mewtwo remains to be probably the most fashionable Pokémon of all time. That is partially because of its attention-grabbing visible design and fight effectiveness, however Mewtwo additionally gained followers because the antagonist of the primary Pokémon film in addition to Detective Pikachu.

Mewtwo fought and regarded like no different Pokémon from Gen I, and folks went nuts attempting so as to add it to their staff. Mewtwo has since appeared in lots of different Pokémon video games and was the one different Pokemon to be rewarded with two Mega Evolutions that have been each competitively viable.


Chansey Pokemon

Chansey, also referred to as the Egg Pokémon, has a weird design that is each endearing and extremely odd. As its nickname implies, Chansey, as nicely all its child type, Happiny, and its evolution, Blissey, all have eggs in a pouch on their bellies. This “father or mother” persona is mirrored of their matronly demeanor and penchant for working in Pokemon Facilities.

Chansey is not any aggressive slouch, both. Whereas they will not do a lot harm offensively, their huge well being pool and strong Particular Protection stat make them improbable tanks in opposition to Particular Attackers.


Alakazam Pokemon

Alakazam garnered vital consideration from many followers because of his outlandish Pokédex entries in Pokémon Purple and Blue. This Pokemon catalog claimed that Alakazam possesses an IQ of round 5,000, and that locations it 500 occasions increased than the typical grownup.

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Alakazam has waved out and in of the aggressive meta because of his low Protection/Particular Protection and excessive Particular Assault. Alakazam benefitted from one of many strongest Mega Evolutions within the video games, however their removing has as soon as once more lowered his use in aggressive codecs.


Cloyster from the Pokemon anime series

Cloyster wasn’t truly excellent when it was initially launched within the first technology video games, however this indignant oyster noticed an enormous soar in viability when it was given Ability Hyperlink, among the finest aggressive talents within the franchise. Ability hyperlink ensures that every one multi-hit strikes land the utmost potential variety of assaults.

Happily, Cloyster has strong multi-hit strikes to make the most of Ability Hyperlink, resembling Rock Black and Icicle Spear. This makes it a robust combatant in opposition to foes with Sturdy or which are weak to Ice or Rock strikes. Cloyster can also be an amazing defensive tank with a powerful Protection stat of 180.


Lapras is a big aquatic Pokémon well-known for its pleasant nature and willingness to let folks trip on its shell throughout water. Lapras was a strong aggressive teammate in technology 1 as nicely because of its well-rounded suite of strikes. Surf and Ice Beam deal strong harm, whereas Confuse Ray and Hypnosis might purchase time for therapeutic or trigger opponents to knock themselves out.

Lapras was given a lift in Sword and Defend when it was given a music-inspired Gigantamax type. This way got here with a novel transfer, G-Max Resonance, which offers harm and units up Aurora Veil.

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