Unova Stones are utilized in Pokémon Go to evolve sure Pokémon from the Unova area, first launched within the Pokémon Black and White video games.

Unova Stones in Pokémon GO are used to evolve Pokémon from the Unova area. There are numerous gadgets used for this goal in Pokémon Go: Unova Stones, King’s Rock, Metallic Coat, Dragon Scale, Up-Grade, Sinnoh Stone, Glacial Lure Module, Mossy Lure Module, Magnetic Lure Module, and the Wet Lure Module. Every of the evolution gadgets can be utilized as soon as, however gamers could have the chance to gather them by finishing duties, claiming Pokémon Go rewards, or defeating Crew GO Rocket leaders.

In contrast to within the single-player Pokémon video games, gamers will nonetheless want to gather sufficient sweet to evolve a Pokémon utilizing an Unova Stone. Gadgets just like the Unova Stone act as a secondary requirement for evolution. So, if gamers needed to evolve Lampent into Chandelure, they would want Lampent sweet along with an Unova Stone. Different Pokémon have totally different evolution necessities; Eevee can solely evolve into Espeon or Umbreon if gamers stroll with it as a buddy for 10 km, and Espeon evolves within the daytime whereas Umbreon evolves at night time. Feebas can solely evolve into Milotic with no less than 20 km walked as a Pokémon buddy. To evolve Swirlix into Slurpuff, gamers should feed it no less than 25 treats as a buddy.


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Unova Stones may be present in a number of methods in Pokémon Go, however they’ll require gamers to satisfy a number of days’ price of analysis duties or win Crew GO Rocket Chief battles. There may be additionally no assure that gamers will earn an Unova Stone this manner, because the rewards are random. Nevertheless, gamers will solely want 7 Unova Stones whole to evolve sure Pokémon in Pokémon Go.

How To Get Unova Stones in Pokémon Go


When gamers spin Pokéstops in Pokémon Go, they obtain analysis duties. There are three classes of analysis duties: In the present day, Subject, and Particular. The In the present day analysis duties are primarily for particular occasions, just like the not too long ago held Pokémon Go’s sixth Anniversary Occasion. Particular analysis duties are ongoing campaigns sometimes launched for holidays, occasions, and sure ranges. The Subject analysis duties are those that gamers gather when spinning Pokéstops, and by finishing these, gamers can earn an Unova Stone. On the high of the Subject analysis process web page, gamers can see a reward field. For every day gamers full a process, they’ll earn a stamp. As soon as all of the stamps are stuffed in, gamers will earn the randomly generated prize; Unova Stones may be one of many drops.

One other methodology for accumulating Unova Stones is to defeat the Crew GO Rocket Leaders Cliff, Arlo, Sierra, or Pokémon Go boss Giovanni. Like with finishing Subject analysis duties, there isn’t a assure that gamers will get an Unova Stone each time they defeat one among these Crew GO Rocket Leaders, however there’s nonetheless a chance of it being a part of the loot after profitable the battle.

Gamers solely want seven Unova Stones in Pokémon Go. The Pokémon that may evolve utilizing Unova Stones and candies are:

  • Pansage, which evolves into Simisage
  • Panpour, which evolves into Simipour
  • Pansear, which evolves into Simisear
  • Lampent, which evolves into Chandelure
  • Minccino, which evolves into Cinccino
  • Eelektrik, which evolves into Eelektross
  • Munna, which evolves into Musharna

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Pokemon GO is out there on Android and iOS.

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