To search out all Phantasmal Conches in Genshin Influence’s Summertime Odyssey Occasion, Vacationers should discover the Golden Apple Archipelago for the collectibles.

Phantasmal Conches are collectibles in Genshin Influence featured as audio and visible logs of the Fatui within the Summertime Odyssey Occasion. These collectibles are scattered throughout the islands of the Golden Apple Archipelago, and discovering them will reward gamers with Primogems, Mora, Expertise Degree-Up Supplies, and Hero’s Wits. Moreover, discovering all sixteen map places of each Phantasmal Conch within the Golden Apple Archipelago will unlock Fischl’s new Outfit, Ein Immernachtstraum.

Nonetheless, Vacationers will discover when viewing the Phantasmal Conch Assortment Progress display screen that twenty complete Conches are featured within the Summertime Odyssey Occasion. Nonetheless, discovering solely sixteen of the collectibles will unlock Fischl’s new Outfit. Nonetheless, these wanting to unravel extra lore or earn the final portion of rewards might want to search the mapless Domains through the occasion’s story to seek out the remaining 4 Phantasmal Conches. Irrespective of the placement, these Conches will all the time seem the identical as azure seashells with glimmering blue threads of sunshine flowing from their apertures.


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When looking for Phantasmal Conches in Genshin Influence, Vacationers are inspired to maintain a detailed eye on their minimap. Much like how regional assets seem when a selected character is current, Phantasmal Conch icons will change into seen on the map when gamers draw close to their places in Genshin Influence.

Discovering Each Phantasmal Conch Location In Genshin Influence

Where To Find Every Phantasmal Conch Location in Genshin Impact

Here’s a listing of all sixteen Phantasmal Conch places within the Golden Apple Archipelago, together with the final 4 throughout the Summertime Odyssey Occasion’s Domains:

  • Phantasmal Conch 1: Minacious Isle – on a small rock throughout the grotto
  • Phantasmal Conch 2: Minacious Isle – midway up the cavernous ridge, close to a Fatui mob
  • Phantasmal Conch 3: Minacious Isle – on the prime of the western ridge
  • Phantasmal Conch 4: Pudding Isle – southwestern seashore
  • Phantasmal Conch 5: Pudding Isle – southeastern seashore
  • Phantasmal Conch 6: Pudding Isle – atop the northeastern ridge
  • Phantasmal Conch 7: within the middle of the Fatui campsite on the unnamed central island
  • Phantasmal Conch 8: Twinning Isle – on the shores of the primary southeastern isle
  • Phantasmal Conch 9: Twinning Isle – on the western facet of the northern most important island
  • Phantasmal Conch 10: Twinning Isle – atop the bridge-like plateau of the northern most important island in Genshin Influence
  • Phantasmal Conch 11: Twinning Isle – on the small northern island, obtainable after Fischl’s Occasion Quest
  • Phantasmal Conch 12: Damaged Isle – northeastern island
  • Phantasmal Conch 13: Damaged Isle – on the central island on the northeastern coast
  • Phantasmal Conch 14: Damaged Isle – on a rock northwest of the central island
  • Phantasmal Conch 15: Damaged Isle – on a small grassy shelf south of Quantity 14
  • Phantasmal Conch 16: Damaged Isle – underground cave accessible after Xinyan’s Occasion Quest
  • Phantasmal Conch 17: inside Misty Hills, Foggy Vales
  • Phantasmal Conch 18: inside The Islands’ Stirring Strings
  • Phantasmal Conch 19: inside Temple of the Star Latitudes
  • Phantasmal Conch 20: throughout the Immernachtreich Hold Area in Genshin Influence

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Genshin Influence is offered for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, iOS, Android, and PC.

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