His appearances in Obi-Wan Kenobi furthered the already iron-clad, immense legacy of Darth Vader, who stays not solely one of the crucial iconic characters in popular culture however one of many biggest characters ever. There may be a lot to the darkish lord of the Sith, having such a fancy and tragic story, a lot of which may be summed up by a lot of his memorable quotes through the years.

From talking on his journey to and thru the darkish aspect to showcasing his nature and energy, Vader has a slew of iconic quotes all through Star Wars that sum up his unbelievable character.


10 No Persistence For Failure

“You Have Failed Me For The Final Time, Admiral.”

Star Wars: Darth Vader Force chokes Admiral Ozzel and promotes Piett to Admiral

As may be seen persistently all through each medium of Star Wars, Vader appears to be like down on nearly each one in all his underlings, from the Inquisitorius to the Imperial Officers, from all of whom he calls for the best of requirements.

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This need for fulfillment results in one in all Vader’s greatest moments as he kills Admiral Ozzel. Right here, Vader’s impatience is on full show, refusing to be merciful to the Admiral who failed him greater than as soon as. This second additionally exhibits how inadvertently hilarious Vader may be.

9 Pure Hatred

“I Hate You!”

Anakin burns on the Mustafar floor while talking to OBi-Wan in Revenge of the Sith

There was not a lot time between Anakin getting anointed Darth Vader and first getting put within the swimsuit, however every part between these two factors is intense and emotional, particularly the Battle of the Heroes.

That is Vader/Anakin’s sole line in and amongst Obi-Wan’s monologue and is a strong illustration of what he has develop into and what Vader is. This fireplace of hatred burns deep in each fiber of Vader’s mockingly chilly being. It fuels him and makes him what he’s, a being of evil for therefore lengthy.

8 Limitless

“There Is All the time One thing I Can Do.”

Darth Vader fighting droids in Darth Vader comic

Darth Vader could be very conscious of his energy. Mix that together with his religion at the hours of darkness aspect of the Pressure and the power it can provide him, and that results in Vader seeing himself as limitless in his energy, significantly within the comics.

This line is available in reply to doubts from Lieutenant Oon-ai in Darth Vader #2 (2015). It doesn’t simply sum up the boldness of Vader, although, but in addition how he continuously backs it up as mere seconds later, Vader takes out the droidekas and pirates with a mix of intelligence and energy.

7 Relishing The Killing

“That I Can Kill You Repeatedly Is By Far Your Most Interesting Trait.”

All through Star Wars, whether or not in TV exhibits, motion pictures, video games, motion pictures, and comics, Darth Vader has an insane kill rely, and he appears to relish each single one in all them, liking to not solely kill his victims however even toy with them.

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This line is spoken to Cylo, whose clones present Vader with the chance to kill this hatable scientist time and time and time once more. As he appears to with all his kills, Vader enjoys it in some darkish, twisted approach fuelled by hatred and anger. This not solely sums up that murderous aspect of Vader however is yet one more instance of his evil being form of hilarious in its darkness.

6 A Chilling Panel

“All I Am Surrounded By Is Worry And Useless Males.”

Probably the greatest and most badass Darth Vader moments to this point is his defiant triumph towards legions of rebels who announce themselves as surrounding the Sith Lord, just for him to tear them to shreds in one in all his most iconic comedian panels.

This complete second, this picture sums up simply how terrifying Vader may be in addition to how little he fears folks and life-or-death conditions. Even with the chances stacked towards him, he is aware of it will likely be no downside for him to decimate these troops. Few characters in popular culture can so persistently present spine-chilling moments like this – with assist from superior writers, creators, and illustrators.

5 A Loyal Servant

“Kenobi Means Nothing. I Serve Solely You, My Grasp.”


One of many many nice quotes with a deeper which means and implication in Obi-Wan Kenobi is that this, which sees Darth Vader pressured into letting go of his emotional pursuit of Obi-Wan.

This doesn’t simply sum up Vader in that he gave up in search of Obi-Wan for years, but it surely showcases his utter devotion to Palpatine, to whom he’s prepared to show himself to and whose each educating by which he’ll abide. On a couple of events, Vader does try to insurgent or hit again for his acquire, however he’s continuously shot again down because the right-hand man of Sidious.

4 His Function

“The place Is Padmé? Is She Protected? Is She Alright?”

Darth Vader in Star Wars revenge of the Sith

As seen in a few of the phenomenal Vader-focused comics, Vader by no means actually let go of Padmé. Not solely did he take into consideration Padmé and have visions of her, however he even joined Sabé at her tomb.

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That is Vader’s first line within the iconic black swimsuit, and that’s so typical of this tragic character. All Anakin Skywalker wished was to save lots of Padmé. Regardless of being manipulated and twisted, in addition to letting his feelings, passions, and fears take over him, he nonetheless held onto that objective when he fell to the darkish aspect. Vader channeled that ache for years into the hate and anger that might make him a pressure of evil and destruction within the Galaxy.

3 The Iconic Twist

“No, I Am Your Father.”

Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back

The usually misquoted “No, I’m your father.” is among the most necessary traces in Star Wars and arguably probably the most exceptional twist in movie historical past. It’s also a quote that sums up the character of Darth Vader in a extra meta sense.

It says what Vader is, the daddy of Luke and Leia, however on one other stage, this second is reflective of Vader himself. It’s one thing so iconic that it transcends the movie and franchise. Each Vader and this line are identified worldwide by followers and non-fans alike. Everybody acknowledges the title, is conscious of the character, and is aware of the road – in some kind.

2 Inciting Terror

“Then You Will Die Braver Than Most.”

Vader in Rebels is unbelievable, significantly in his exchanges with and episodes shared with Ahsoka Tano. A lot of his traces to Ahsoka in ‘Twilight Of The Apprentice’ throughout their unbelievable combat sum up components of his journey, however this line to Ezra embodies what Vader is all about.

The “Then you’ll die” has been repeated a number of occasions by Vader, and on this occasion, so chillingly conveys the fear and sense of dread that he incites in all of his different victims. Vader will kill whether or not his sufferer fears him or not, however he is aware of that they’re horrified by him most of the time.

1 Anakin Is Useless

“I Am Not Your Failure, Obi-Wan. You Did Not Kill Anakin Skywalker, I Did, Simply Like I Will Destroy You.”

Darth Vader's exposed face in his helmet in Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan’s encounter with Vader within the finale of Obi-Wan Kenobi has so many parallels with Vader’s battle with Ahsoka, not least of all of the emotional weight behind it and the way chilling the entire affair is. This line from Vader is among the most heartbreaking to come back from both duel.

This line lets Obi-Wan know that Anakin is gone, buried beneath the mountains of hate and anger fashioned by the darkness of Vader. He virtually sounds proud for having rid the world of Anakin, joyful to have destroyed him, and his little finish quip of desirous to kill Obi-Wan exhibits that his pursuit of vengeance, his provide of hatred and anger, is aware of no finish – not till the return of Anakin that’s.

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Split image of Anakin & Padmé and Anakin & Ahsoka in Star Wars

Star Wars: 10 Quotes That Sum Up Anakin Skywalker As A Character

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