Jack Sparrow’s signature “drunk” stroll, which provides him the looks of being consistently inebriated, is definitely the results of Sparrow’s sea legs.

Inside the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Jack Sparrow’s (Johnny Depp) signature off-kilter stroll earns him the status of being consistently inebriated, however the Jack Sparrow run has an ingenious secret that doesn’t contain a single drop of rum. Whereas Sparrow usually refers to rum all through the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise as if it’s each his dependancy and a secret weapon that enables him to drag off potvaliant stunts and schemes, the unbalanced stroll is definitely extra telling of one other nice love of his: the ocean.

Although it’s laborious to think about Jack Sparrow being any totally different from the charming and disreputable anti-hero that’s the middle of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, loads of Sparrow’s eccentricity is owed to Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow interpretation, who was alternatively written as a swashbuckling hero within the authentic script for Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. In an interview with Collider, Depp particulars a few of his early insights about Captain Jack, which he concocted whereas sitting in a sauna. After experiencing excessive warmth throughout the sauna, Depp had the concept that Sparrow’s mind could be “par-boiled” after baking within the solar all day onboard a ship, inspiring Sparrow’s mad but sensible persona. Simply as being out on the open ocean would have an effect on Sparrow’s psychological state, Depp additionally determined that the times Sparrow spent at sea would additionally have an effect on his physique language.


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Whereas it’s initially assumed that the Jack Sparrow run is the results of extreme ingesting, it’s really the product of his “sea legs” — the capability to stability and never get seasick when crusing. Since Sparrow spends extra of his time being tussled by the waves on board a shifting ship, he’s not accustomed to strolling on dry land and is subsequently sarcastically unbalanced when on strong floor. Nevertheless, Sparrow’s sea legs are exaggerated to an virtually preternatural degree, since Sparrow walks completely straight when on board a shifting ship and solely acquires his signature “drunk” stroll when he’s strolling on dry land. Not solely is the “drunk” stroll fully reasonable, since sailors themselves equally earned a status for being drunks attributable to their sea legs, however Sparrow’s stroll acts as an indicator of the place he really belongs: on the excessive seas.

Jack Sparrow’s Drunk Stroll Is not Due To Alcohol

The Jack Sparrow run additionally reinforces his eccentric and unpredictable character. All through the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Jack’s character constantly thrives by veering from the norm. Sparrow’s compass doesn’t level north, and he talks round nonsense in a manner that surprisingly is sensible. Having Sparrow be unable to stroll a straight path on land and stay completely balanced at sea is a fairly poetic manner of highlighting one more facet of Sparrow that exhibits the traditional guidelines of on a regular basis life don’t apply to him. 

Whereas Sparrow’s time at sea may’ve naturally given him sea legs, there’s additionally the chance that the stroll itself is a crafty plan devised by Sparrow to control different individuals’s perspective of him by enjoying up his status as a drunken, half-witted egocentric pirate. Sparrow’s escapades are sometimes profitable as a result of he’s underestimated by his friends. After teaming up with William Turner (Orlando Bloom) in The Curse of the Black Pearl, Sparrow efficiently commandeers the quickest ship within the British Royal Navy, The Interceptor, by subverting Commodore Norrington’s (Jack Davenport) expectations of him because the “worst pirate he’s ever seen.”

Even though Sparrow wished to command The Flying Dutchman himself, Sparrow additionally defeats Davy Jones (Invoice Nighy) and Cutler Beckett (Tom Hollander) in a single fell swoop in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s Finish by selecting to assist a fatally wounded Will stab Davy Jones’ coronary heart and stay on as the subsequent captain of The Flying Dutchman as a substitute of performing in his personal finest curiosity. Since Jack Sparrow already presents himself as scatter-brained and considerably touched within the head all through the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, the “drunk” stroll could also be an extra intelligent ploy that minimizes his capacity within the eyes of his enemies, subsequently giving him the higher hand.

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How Jack Sparrow’s Drunk Stroll Impressed The Jack Sparrow Run TikTok Craze

Johnny Depp Jack Sparrow POTC 3 At Worlds End

Regardless that it has been years since Johnny Depp portrayed the Captain Jack Sparrow run, a brand new pattern has emerged on TikTok by which individuals mimic the character whereas operating. It was almost definitely introduced again into the realm of public consciousness because of the timing of Depp’s very public defamation trial alongside varied different memes. The “Jack Sparrow run” problem has sparked many recreations, with individuals imitating the star whereas sprinting via places like NYC and asking followers to “price” their imitation. Jack Sparrow definitely would not be the primary character to spark a social media pattern with an idiosyncratic stroll – “Naruto operating” almost led to a full-scale invasion of Space 51. This hasn’t but occurred with the Jack Sparrow run problem, so if one sees a person operating down the road in a way resembling Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean character, it should not present trigger for alarm – its in all probability only for TikTok (although if a Davy Jones stroll additionally turns into standard, it is time to take precautions).

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