The latest addition to the Thor Franchise, Thor: Love and Thunder, featured just a few highly effective weapons within the MCU. Mjolnir was nonetheless a outstanding weapon, however it was wielded by Jane Foster as Mighty Thor.

Mjolnir is Thor’s signature weapon in each mythology and the MCU, however he has since grown accustomed to wielding the highly effective Stormbreaker. Whereas Thor’s hammer is a strong pressure, it is not probably the most highly effective weapon in your entire franchise. Over the course of the previous 14 years, the MCU has launched a wide range of weapons which have confirmed to be nice sources of energy that outstep Mjolnir’s capabilities.



Mjolnir has modified arms quite a bit all through the MCU, regardless of the idea that solely these worthy of possessing the ability of Thor can wield the mighty hammer. Hela was accountable for not solely overpowering the hammer however destroying it.

Nevertheless, she had her personal highly effective weapons. In Thor: Ragnarok, Hela was in a position to conjure totally different necro-blades, in addition to her personal highly effective sword. Although Gorr the God Butcher’s necrosword was inevitably destroyed by Mjolnir whereas Jane Foster wielded the hammer, this was after repeated blows from Zeus’s thunderbolt.

Zeus’s Thunderbolt

Russell Crowe as Zeus in Thor 4 holding a lighning bolt

Zeus, the Greek god, was launched within the latest Thor movie, bringing extra highly effective gods into the MCU franchise. Whereas followers are questioning if this god will make one other look, his thunderbolt was the actual star of the present.

Thor was in a position to defeat Zeus’s energy and take the thunderbolt to assist defeat Gorr the God Butcher. The thunderbolt obtained a variety of display time in Thor: Love and Thunder, and was sturdy sufficient to deal with the quick battle with Gorr. Although it was used primarily as a hand-to-hand fight weapon, the thunderbolt in Greek mythology is taken into account probably the most highly effective weapon on Earth and the Heavens, suggesting it might come into play later within the MCU.

Eye of Agamatto

Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Eye of Agamotto

It is exhausting to say who would come out victorious in a battle between Physician Unusual and Thor. Nevertheless, The Eye of Agamotto has confirmed to be an awfully highly effective relic, giving its wielder highly effective magical vitality.

Whereas the hammer is highly effective in its personal proper, the Time Stone throughout the amulet has the power to conjure time spells and alter actuality. When mixed with the opposite 4 infinity stones the ability was unstoppable, however that is because of the truth of the extraordinary energy of every particular person stone. In a battle in opposition to Mjolnir, Unusual might simply use infinite time loops to get the higher hand.


Chris Hemsworth as Thor in Love and Thunder with Stormbreaker

Stormbreaker is likely one of the strongest weapons within the MCU, displaying extraordinary energy not but seen whereas Thor wielded Mjolnir.  Gorr was in a position to make use of the ability of the ax/hammer to open a portal to Eternity.

In Avengers: Infinity Struggle, Thor has Eitri (Peter Dinklage), The King of Dwarves, forge him a brand new weapon to switch the then destroyed Mjolnir. When he appeared to battle Thanos’ fleet at Wakanda, he was simply in a position to destroy Thanos’ troopers and the Chitauri fleet. Had Thor gone for the top, it might have simply ended the battle with the defeat of the highly effective Titan.

Thanos’ Dragonite Sword

Thanos Avengers Endgame Sword Weapon Hot Toys

Thanos is iconic for using the Infinity Gauntlet in Infinity Struggle, however he had one other highly effective weapon earlier than he was in a position to make the most of the gauntlet. His highly effective blade is featured extra in Avengers: Endgame, in a position to stand up to many blows from the Scarlet Witch.

His sword is made out of highly effective Dragonite, an extraterrestrial stone used to forge weapons. Although he used one thing extra highly effective to destroy half of the world’s inhabitants, he used this weapon whereas he was conquering and destroying worlds throughout the galaxy.

The Everlasting Flame

Odin's Vault

The Everlasting Flame is one other weapon launched within the Thor franchise. First seen in Thor: Ragnarok, the Everlasting Flame is the supply of Surtur’s powers (and a hearth large that’s iconic in Norse mythology).

The flame proved to have distinctive energy, with Hela utilizing its magic to resurrect her military of the lifeless and management Asgard. In a while within the movie, the flame is used as soon as once more by Loki, who purposely brings Ragnarok down on Asgard to defeat his sister. Whereas Mjolnir is a pressure, it would not have the vitality that magical relics just like the flame possess.

The Infinity Gauntlet

The Infinity Gauntlet is taken into account the strongest weapon within the MCU. Used to wield all 5 Infinity Stones, it has the ability to do unspeakable issues, like mud half of the world’s inhabitants with one snap.

Eitri was additionally the forger of the Infinity Gauntlet, with Thanos tricking the King into believing his folks can be protected if he created the weapon. The 5 Infinity Stones used throughout the gauntlet gave Thanos the ability to do just about something he needed. Nevertheless, he was additionally in a position to make use of the ability of the gauntlet to destroy the stones so nobody else would have the ability to make the most of the ability.

The Nano Gauntlet

Hulk Snapping With The Nano Gauntlet

It is exhausting to say whether or not or not the Infinity Gauntlet or the Nano Gauntlet is extra highly effective. Whereas Eitri is a rare weapons smith, Tony Stark can be among the best weapon specialists within the MCU.

The Infinity Gauntlet was designed particularly to suit and be wielded by Thanos, however Tony (together with the assistance of Banner and Rocket) designed the Nano Gauntlet to regulate to the dimensions of the consumer, making it a extra versatile weapon. Each had been used to make the most of the ability of all 5 Infinity Stones, although the Nano was used to revive the world’s inhabitants.


Closeup of the Darkhold in WandaVision

This magical spellbook initially made its first look in Brokers of S.H.I.E.L.D however was featured extra in WandaVision. Crafted out of darkish magic by a strong god, the ebook comprises darkish spells. It additionally comprises a prophecy concerning the nature of the Scarlet Witch.

The ebook was launched to Wanda via Agatha, a darkish witch that sought to govern the Scarlet Witch’s energy. After Wanda defeats Agatha, she makes an attempt to make use of the ebook to search out her sons within the Multiverse and performed a serious position in Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity. Mjolnir is highly effective, however it is not able to controlling magic of this magnitude.

The Ten Rings

Simu Liu in Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings

The Ten Rings’ origin continues to be considerably of a thriller within the MCU, however it’s understood that they are highly effective extraterrestrial objects that give the wielder unbelievable energy.

Xu Wenwu utilized the rings to extend his longevity and used their powers to interrupt out of the imprisoned Dweller-In-Darkness. His son, Shang-Chi, was in a position to make use of the ability of the rings himself to defeat this legendary monster. Whereas the Ten Rings are nonetheless fairly new to the MCU, it is clear they’ve an immense quantity of energy.

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