George Lucas initially envisioned a distinct depiction of Darth Vader and Palpatine, however would this totally different model of the Sith have been higher?

George Lucas initially had a considerably totally different model of the Sith in thoughts for the Star Wars saga, placing Darth Vader in a better place of energy however stopping notable twists within the franchise. The Sith Order is, collectively, the last word antagonist within the Star Wars franchise, preventing nearly perpetual wars towards their historic enemies, the Jedi Knights, and subjugating the galaxy underneath brutal autocratic rule at totally different factors in its historical past. Darth Bane’s dynasty of Sith Lords, which adheres to the Rule of Two, is probably the most well-known contingent of Darkish Lords, however George Lucas had a distinctly totally different concept of who the Sith have been on the time of A New Hope, which may have resulted in a really totally different saga.


In each the canon and Legends Star Wars continuities, the Sith Order as soon as had scores of Darkish Lords dealing with off towards the Jedi Knights in direct fight, however this brutish method proved ineffective towards the Jedi over time. Darth Bane reinvented the Sith Order together with his Rule of Two, making them embody their sinister philosophies extra carefully and defeating their enemies from the shadows. The deadliest and most ruthlessly clever of the Darkish Lords, Palpatine, famously used Bane’s strategies to wipe out the Jedi Order and twist the Republic into the authoritarian Galactic Empire, alongside his apprentice, Darth Vader, who was second solely to Palpatine himself inside the Empire’s hierarchy.

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Fascinatingly, the phrase “Sith” isn’t mentioned in any of the theatrical cuts of the unique Star Wars trilogy. If one solely views the movies, they might don’t have any idea of the Sith till the prequel trilogy, since Vader is seemingly framed as solely a former Jedi who has fallen to the darkish aspect and serves the Emperor, who is just a darkish aspect consumer with no affiliation to the Jedi. Deleted dialogue and Legends materials, nevertheless, reveal that this has by no means been the case. The idea of Sith, who’ve a myriad of philosophical and historic variations from the Jedi, has at all times been part of the saga. Timothy Zann, notably, nearly redefined the Sith within the Thrawn Trilogy however was blocked by Lucasfilm to make sure that the Expanded Universe remained per the movies. Regardless of this, Lucas had a distinct definition of the Sith in A New Hope.

George Lucas’ Unique Palpatine & Darth Vader Sith Plan

Darth Vader and Governor Tarkin in the Imperial council room in Star Wars A New Hope

As revealed within the 1976 novelization of A New Hope, Palpatine was initially going to lack a connection to the Drive or its darkish aspect, and whereas he turned the Republic’s chief by means of political savvy, he’s quickly revealed to be a puppet of his appointees upon declaring himself Emperor. This made Imperial leaders like Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader the true rulers of the Empire till Palpatine was retroactively made a superb chief and Sith Lord within the saga’s additional installments. However the novelization additionally describes Darth Vader as not being the one Darkish Lord inside the Empire.

Though the A New Hope novel doesn’t clarify what precisely a Sith is, it does describe Darth Vader as being one in all, if not probably the most highly effective of them, implying that there are extra of his sort inside the Empire. Furthermore, he’s described as having been despatched by the Emperor to supervise the retrieval of the Loss of life Star plans (dialogue that was recorded for the movie however deleted from the ultimate reduce). The implication in these descriptions is that the Sith have been initially conceived as supremely highly effective mystics inside the Empire who served the Emperor immediately, although his weak spot and their place doubtless made them probably the most politically highly effective and influential members of the fascist regime. This model of the Sith is just like Imperial Inquisitors, however with far deadlier talents and extra ruling energy.

Lucas’ Sith Plan Would’ve Prevented A number of Star Wars Twists

Lucas’s unique model of the Sith would have had a significant impression on the movies and later Star Wars works, notably the canon sequel trilogy. Within the unique Star Wars trilogy, the twist that Darth Vader is Anakin Skywalker may nonetheless work, however one other Sith Lord apart from the Emperor must take his place as the primary antagonist if he’s to retain his iconic redemption arc. The prequel trilogy could be considerably altered as nicely since Palpatine could be a political schemer however not the key Darkish Lord who corrupts Anakin. Palpatine most certainly wouldn’t be the mastermind behind the Clone Wars both, with maybe yet one more darkish aspect consumer taking his place.

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This model of the Sith would doubtless lack the Rule of Two as nicely, maybe being a cult-like menace whose rivalry with the Jedi Knights doesn’t go way back to their respective historic histories. The canon universe’s sequel trilogy additionally wouldn’t be capable to convey again Palpatine, as his resurrection depends on his standing because the galaxy’s deadliest Darkish Lord of the Sith. The sequels would have needed to make extra inventive use of an unique character like Snoke, who’s initially framed as an entirely unaffiliated darkish aspect consumer.

Is It Higher Palpatine Grew to become A Sith Lord In Star Wars?

Star Wars Palpatine Emperor Lightsaber

Whereas the concept of quite a few Darkish Lords of the Sith current inside the Empire is an interesting idea, the saga finally advantages from what’s proven in the remainder of the unique and prequel Star Wars movies. Palpatine is the definitive villain of the saga in each canon and Legends, and far of his enchantment is owed to each his sinister Machiavellian manipulations in politics and his horrific actions as a Darkish Lord of the Sith. The revelation that the Emperor is a extra highly effective Sith than even Vader in The Empire Strikes Again will increase the size of the movie, and his chilling scenes all through Return of the Jedi make him the proper irredeemable alternative antagonist for Vader as nicely.

Having the Emperor himself be the best of the Sith Lords additionally prevents his presence in Return of the Jedi from being abrupt. If Palpatine was a weak-willed figurehead with no darkish aspect powers, one other Sith would take his place within the trilogy’s ending, and they might doubtless lack the background presence that Palpatine instructions all through A New Hope and Empire. Highly effective darkish aspect customers inside the Empire is an idea present in each the canon and Legends universe, however George Lucas altering the idea of Sith after A New Hope was general useful to each Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine within the Star Wars saga.

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