John Constantine simply turned the important thing to DC’s Vampire Warfare, suggesting his potential to suppose exterior the field is important to the survivors’ mission.

Warning! Spoilers for DC vs. Vampires #8.

DC Comics continues its bloodthirsty story in DC vs. Vampires #8, which reveals how John Constantine and his two groups are very important to defeating the vampire struggle. This new subject exhibits Constantine additionally has a magical crew looking for a remedy to vampirism, including one more attainable answer to finish the vampire struggle.

DC vs. Vampires exhibits most of DC’s heroes (together with the Justice League) flip into vampires because the vampire king wages struggle on Earth. Though their assault appears by no means ending and unimaginable to cease, a small group of survivors kinds a resistance to place an finish to the vampires’ tyranny. Within the spinoff DC vs. Vampires: All-Out Warfare comedian, which takes place a yr after the occasions of DC vs. Vampires, Constantine is orchestrating a crew that consists of Deathstroke, Booster Gold, Mary Marvel, Injury, and others. Initially, their purpose was to discover a Lazarus Pit to resurrect Batman and have the world’s biggest detective again within the combat. Earlier than they’ll accomplish that, Azrael falls into the pit and turns again right into a human, revealing that the Lazarus Pit can remedy vampires and Azrael can now exchange Batman.


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DC vs. Vampires #8 by James Tynion IV, Matthew Rosenberg, and Otto Schmidt, reinforces All-Out Warfare’s concept that Constantine is important resulting from his essential considering that pushes concepts out of the field. In looking for a number of options to the vampire struggle, Constantine pushes the survivors’ morality to the intense and highlights their desperation. The most recent subject reveals that the Home of Mysteries is full of magic customers. Constantine, Physician Destiny, Phantom Stranger, and others use magic on vampires to discover a remedy. When Mister Zsasz, now a vampire, finds their experiment abhorrent when he says, “your form rush to name us monsters, however right here you might be, torturing one in every of ours,” reminding readers that they’re taking a unique method from the Lazarus Pit. Constantine corrects Zsasz when he mentions, “we’re not torturing him. We’re attempting to remedy him.”

The problem signifies that the survivors are so determined to search out a solution that they resort to the vampires’ torture strategies to get info. Constantine explores all choices for curing vampirism regardless of questionable morals, together with torturing vampires again to life and resurrecting useless our bodies in inexperienced water. Whereas Constantine is not precisely an anti-hero, he’s removed from the everyday DC hero and is greater than prepared to bend his beliefs if it means carrying out a larger purpose. It is precisely this type of considering DC’s heroes will want in the event that they wish to beat the hordes of undead.

Warfare breeds immorality and controversial choices, and as proven in DC vs. Vampires #8 and DC vs. Vampires: All-Out Warfare, it’s essential to cease evil forces from conquering the world. An overpowered vampire hunter like John Constantine understands this lesson as DC Comics permits the over-powered hero to shine in his try to help the remaining human superheroes to make a last stand in opposition to the vampire military.

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