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Arthur Harrow’s powers and Egyptian ties are arrange in Moon Knight episode 1, as Ethan Hawke’s villain is established as a significant menace to Oscar Isaac’s superhero. Because the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to increase in Section 4, a brand new period of heroes and villains is being created for the franchise post-Avengers: Endgame. Section 4 has quickly added to the MCU’s mythology by introducing Eternals, the multiverse, and extra, however Moon Knight is accountable for the exploration of Egyptian gods and the huge mythology that comes with them.

The primary Egyptian tie in Moon Knight comes from the titular character, as Oscar Isaac performs Steven Grant/Marc Spector, two personalities preventing for management of 1 physique. Whereas Steven Grant is sort of educated about Egyptian mythology, he’s unaware of his personal connection to the gods. His physique and the Marc Spector persona are tied to the Egyptian moon god Khonshu in some mysterious means. That is seemingly because of Khonshu saving Marc Spector from dying up to now, one thing Moon Knight episode 1 even makes a fast reference to. The mixture of Steven’s Egyptian data and Marc’s superhero actions powered by Khonshu give the MCU Disney+ present a robust basis in Egyptian mythology.


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Oscar Isaac’s lead character is not the one one in Moon Knight who has deep connections to Egypt and powers from their gods. Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow is correctly arrange as a darkish mirror of Moon Knight. This comes after Marvel Studios utterly reinvented Harrow from the comics, the place he was a really minor villain with no actual powers. Now, Moon Knight‘s villain has lofty ambitions for reshaping the world by way of the ability of an Egyptian god.

How Arthur Harrow’s Tattoo Works In Moon Knight

Moon Knight Arthur Harrow Ethan Hawke

Arthur Harrow is handled to a creepy introduction in Moon Knight episode 1, as he is proven crushing glass to place in his sneakers. Whereas this implies he feels ache with every step, he is additionally a robust cultish chief following the methods of Ammit. Arthur Harrow will get his powers from the Egyptian god and judges individuals on behalf of the goddess. Arthur Harrow has a tattoo of scales on his arm that signify Ammit’s judgment, very like the scales of justice that each Woman Justice and Greek goddess Dike are depicted as carrying.

Moon Knight episode 1 exhibits how Arthur’s tattoo works and the darkish ceremony that he makes use of to guage his followers. When Arthur holds onto an individual’s arms, Ammit’s energy flows by way of him and judged whether or not they’re a very good individual or a foul individual. If Ammit judges nicely, the scales tip a technique and flash inexperienced, if they’re judged badly, the scales tip the opposite means and flash crimson reflecting how Ammit judged people throughout her life. Confusingly, Ammit judges her topics primarily based not solely on their previous actions however their future ones, like Minority Report’s precog police. If they’re judged to have finished one thing evil – or to be able to one thing evil sooner or later – Arthur’s powers permit him to kill that individual on the spot by draining their life out of them.

How Arthur Harrow’s Powers Work In Moon Knight

Moon Knight Arthur Harrow

The opposite facet of Moon Knight‘s villain powers comes by way of the cane that Arthur Harrow carries. The double crocodile head deal with formed in Ammit’s likeness, the cane is a mysterious artifact that helps give Arthur among the Egyptian god’s powers. Along with serving to him stroll, Ethan Hawke’s Moon Knight villain makes use of the case as a part of the judgment ritual. The cane rests between the arms of the individual on trial and sways backwards and forwards because the judgment comes. It’s also recognized that Arthur Harrow’s cane has extra powers that come from its connection to Ammit. The purple glow of Arthur Harrow’s cane appears to recommend that the artifact is able to magic.

Who Is Ammit? Egyptian Goddess Defined

Ammit Egyptian God

So who’s Ammit within the context of Moon Knight and Egyptian mythology? She is an historic goddess from the Egyptian faith who is named the Devourer of the Lifeless, the Eater of Hearts, and the Nice of Loss of life. She’s carefully related to the scales of justice within the Egyptian underworld, the place she’s allowed to devour the guts of these which can be deemed impure. It was believed that those that Ammit ate would spend eternity in torment. Some believed these souls can be thrown into the lake of fireplace to be destroyed. The Egyptian god’s bodily look is depicted as having the pinnacle of a crocodile, the torso of a lion, and the underside half of a hippopotamus. Ammit’s look got here from combining the three greatest man-eating animals on this planet.

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Moon Knight‘s depiction of Ammit is usually much like the traditional Egyptian legends, though there are some crucial adjustments. The MCU’s depiction makes Ammit a goddess who judges the previous, current, and way forward for an individual’s life and kills them immediately if they’re deemed unhealthy. This not solely means she’s instantly accountable for the deaths of many, however she additionally operates considerably independently of the opposite Egyptian gods. Within the historic Egyptian faith, Ammit solely devoured souls after Anubis judged their hearts within the afterlife, with Ma’at, the goddess of reality, typically serving as Ammit’s opposition.

The explanation for these variations seems to return from Moon Knight‘s Egyptian mythology together with the Ennead, a gaggle of 9 tremendous highly effective gods that the museum is selling. Ammit isn’t a part of the Ennead within the historic faith, however the goddess was beneath their supervision. Moon Knight episode 1 mentions that Ammit was betrayed by the opposite gods and her earlier Avatar. It might be that Arthur Harrow and Ammit are working independently of the opposite gods due to this betrayal. Nevertheless, the goddess has additionally been subdued by the point that Moon Knight‘s occasions happen.

What Arthur Harrow & Ammit’s Objective Is

Moon Knight Arthur Harrow Ethan Hawke

Moon Knight is sort of clear on Arthur Harrow’s dedication to Ammit and fulfilling the goddess’ plans, and there are basically two totally different objectives in thoughts. Probably the most urgent aim is Harrow’s, as he desires to reawaken Ammit. He mentions that that is all taking place “earlier than our goddess awakes,” indicating that he plans to reawaken her in some vogue. This seems to be why Moon Knight‘s golden beetle scarab is so coveted. Arthur says that it belongs to Ammit and clearly wants it to awaken her, which explains why Khonshu does every thing in his energy to stop Steven Grant from handing it over to him. Plainly Arthur Harrow’s aim of reawakening Ammit might be doable if he is ready to purchase the scarab.

However why does Moon Knight‘s villain wish to reawaken Ammit? Plainly the Egyptian goddess’ aim is rid the world of evil on a worldwide scale. Whereas Ammit’s judicial powers are at present confined to Arthur Harrow, it’s urged that she’ll have the power to guage everybody as soon as she’s free. Arthur mentions that she might’ve stopped Hitler, Neo, Pol Pot, and different extremely evil individuals had she been round. Very similar to a supernatural model of Hydra’s Challenge Perception plans to eradicate future threats or Arishem wanting to guage Earth after Eternals‘ ending, it appears Ammit is the newest menace to humanity’s security. If Arthur Harrow is profitable in unleashing Ammit’s energy, the Egyptian god will probably have the capability to create a peaceable world by killing everybody who’s or might grow to be a foul individual.

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Moon Knight releases new episodes each Wednesday on Disney+.

  • Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity (2022)Launch date: Might 06, 2022
  • Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)Launch date: Jul 08, 2022
  • Black Panther: Wakanda Eternally/Black Panther 2 (2022)Launch date: Nov 11, 2022
  • The Marvels/Captain Marvel 2 (2023)Launch date: Feb 17, 2023
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (2023)Launch date: Might 05, 2023
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023)Launch date: Jul 28, 2023

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