There have been many films about killer animals all through cinematic historical past. From tales about killer spiders to killer bears to killer crocodiles and alligators, this has shortly proved to be a profitable horror subgenre of kinds. Nevertheless, none are as well-known as sharks, all due to somewhat movie by Steven Spielberg generally known as Jaws.

Jaws was so standard that it spawned a plethora of knockoffs and low-budget shark films that vary from mediocre to laughably horrible. And but, every so often, somebody will put just a bit bit extra effort right into a shark film, and one thing solidly spooky will probably be created. Since everybody is aware of and watches Jaws each summer time, what are the most effective of those different shark films that may additionally be loved?


Up to date on July twenty eighth, 2022 by Melody MacReady: Extra years have passed by and extra shark films have been launched or rediscovered. With so many shark films on the market attempting to compete with Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, it is arduous to cease with simply ten. So many shark films convey one thing to take pleasure in, even a number of the extra ridiculous ones.

Some shark films even handle to face out on their very own with out feeling the necessity to copy any of the formulation established by Jaws. With Shark Week sending viewers right into a frenzy for these underwater predators, it is the proper time to binge by way of these iconic and not-so-iconic shark movies.

The Final Shark (1981)

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The shark attacking people on a raft in The Last Shark

As beforehand talked about, there have been a plethora of Jaws knockoffs and one of many extra well-known ones is an Italian-made movie generally known as The Final Shark. This b-movie is a downright clone of Jaws in some ways, even right down to stealing related plotlines.

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Nevertheless, of all Jaws knockoffs, The Final Shark is considerably notorious for its shark animatronic. Whereas it’s higher than most knockoffs, it is nonetheless ridiculed for the way it at all times rises out of the water in the very same approach. Mixed with some over-the-top kills, The Final Shark is not less than entertaining to take a seat by way of.

Jaws 3D (1983)

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The shark from Jaws 3-D.

An instance of a great idea wasted on a poor movie. The third Jaws film tried to attempt one thing totally different with a large shark inside a large Sea World lagoon. In a approach, this idea would show to be efficient with Jurassic World however sadly, not for Jaws 3D.

The most important detriment to Jaws 3D is the shark itself. In an try to capitalize on the fad of 3D films, the shark results had been modified in post-production to work for the 3D and in consequence, it appears hilariously unhealthy. There may be some enjoyment available with the characters being portrayed properly however the shark results result in a so-bad-it’s-good expertise.

U.S.S. Indianapolis: Males Of Braveness (2016)

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Survivors on a raft being stalked by a shark in U.S.S. Indianapolis: Men Of Courage

Most will keep in mind the well-known scene from Jaws during which Robert Shaw’s Quint delivers a speech in regards to the sinking of the united statesS. Indianapolis and his encounters with sharks. In 2016, there was an entire film in regards to the real-life occasion starring the ever-charismatic Nicolas Cage and shark film alumni Thomas Jane.

It takes a short while earlier than it really turns right into a shark film however it nonetheless delivers on being an honest World Struggle II film as properly. Even when the sharks arrive, it is much less of a creature function and focuses extra on being a survival film about these unlucky Navy officers.

Shark Night time (2011)

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Centered round a bunch of faculty associates who go on trip to a lake and get picked off one after the other by sharks, Shark Night time is aware of what it’s, and it embraces this “dumb enjoyable” whereas nonetheless delivering some sturdy kills and thrills. It is also fairly uncommon to see a film with a number of shark species, who every assault in their very own distinctive approach.

There may be even a twist as to why these sharks are within the lake that offers Shark Night time some further taste. Is it a masterpiece? No, however very similar to the Friday The thirteenth films, it may be very entertaining with some respectable results and a shocking quantity of gore.

12 Days Of Terror (2005)

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Boy in the water with a shark in 12 Days Of Terror

12 Days of Terror focuses much less on the sharks and extra on the drama that comes from the shark assaults, drawing inspiration from the true array of shark assaults in New England of 1916. Nonetheless, it additionally is clearly influenced by movies like Jaws, displaying politicians refusing to shut seashores and blaming it on one thing else apart from sharks.

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Whereas it does endure from a scarcity of finances as a consequence of being a made-for-TV film, it’s an fascinating have a look at what supposedly occurred again then. Followers of Jaws ought to not less than test it out to see the parallels.

Jaws 2 (1978)

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A sequel to Jaws was pointless however Jaws 2, regardless of its many manufacturing points, was nonetheless an entertaining creature function. Roy Scheider continues to be top-notch as Martin Brody, the brand new shark is sincerely scary, and there’s clearly extra effort to create real suspense; not less than compared to later movies like Jaws 3 and Jaws: The Revenge.

Together with some good kills, Jaws 2 additionally incorporates a distinctive idea the place the shark is consistently stalking a bunch of youngsters on boats in the midst of the ocean. This mixed with how the shark is taken out makes Jaws 2 really feel much less like a carbon copy of the primary film.

The Meg (2018)

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Regardless of being considerably of a wasted alternative by resorting to a PG-13 score, The Meg continues to be a enjoyable popcorn monster film. The set design and digital results are top-notch, the Meg itself is well-designed even when its earlier design in manufacturing was much better, and Jason Statham is as enjoyable to look at as at all times.

Like Shark Night time, The Meg is aware of what it’s: an underwater kaiju film, regardless of it affected by a scarcity of terror. Not like most movies about megalodons, The Meg advantages from a big finances and truly tries to ship a enjoyable action-thriller. There are even some tense moments, brutal kills, and some memorable characters to take pleasure in.

47 Meters Down (2017)

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47 Meters Down 2017 Movie Shark Cage Underwater

47 Meters Down has a easy however intelligent premise: two ladies are caught in a shark cage on the ocean ground with sharks surrounding them. This one mixes a number of sorts of horror: galeophobia (the concern of sharks), thalassophobia (the concern of the ocean), and claustrophobia (the concern of confined locations).

The sharks themselves do not seem usually, however after they do, it’s heart-stopping. Mix that with the environmental hazards, and 47 Meters Down by no means lets up with the suspense. Nevertheless, there is a twist in direction of the tip that can make or break the movie for some viewers.

47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019)

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One of the blind sharks in a cave in 47 Meters Down Uncaged

47 Meters Down: Uncaged suffers from one large drawback: the characters. Many of the foremost solid of characters are so unlikeable and annoying that it makes the primary twenty minutes really feel painful. Nevertheless, the moment the sharks enter the story, Uncaged turns into so significantly better as a result of idea of those creatures; seemingly taking inspiration from The Descent, which stays a 2000s horror basic.

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This time, the sharks are pale and blind; they nearly appear to be stone, they usually solely hunt by sound. In consequence, the stress returns, resulting in a extra shark-centric horror movie this time round. This sequel additionally options higher kills than its predecessor, together with some surprisingly nice results for the cave sharks.

Bait (2012) – Free With Prime Video & Tubi

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Bait will get reward only for its extra sensible idea: an underground grocery store will get flooded throughout a tidal wave and turns into the brand new territory for a few sharks. There are not any mutant or genetically enhanced sharks right here both – simply plain-old common sharks.

What helps most are the performances, as all of the actors really feel plausible and make the state of affairs really feel much more suspenseful. Bait additionally boasts spectacular digital and sensible results for the sharks, and the setting and environmental risks are equally well-executed, together with the kills. For these causes, Bait is usually listed as an underrated gem within the “shark horror” subgenre.

The Reef (2010)

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Shark circling the survivors in The Reef

In The Reef, a group of associates is stranded when their boat hits a reef, forcing them to swim to land on their very own. In fact, a shark naturally comes alongside and issues quickly change into terrifying. Surprisingly, a lot of the shark footage utilized in The Reef is taken from movies of actual sharks, which supplies the state of affairs extra weight and makes it really feel extra real.

Every encounter with the shark could have the viewer curling up their toes till they cramp. Even when the shark just isn’t there, The Reef retains the stress by giving the sensation that the shark might or couldn’t be there at any second.

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

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Carter encountering one of the sharks in Deep Blue Sea

After the Jaws collection lastly ended, shark films had been a dying breed for a very long time. That modified in 1999 with Renny Harlin’s creature function, Deep Blue Sea. The movie is about three genetically altered Mako sharks stalking and killing their creators and different survivors in an undersea facility.

Regardless of sounding like SyFy channel fodder, Deep Blue Sea is one other cult gem. The consequences nonetheless maintain up after over twenty years, the characters are all memorable because of nice performances, and it gives a wholesome mixture of horror and thriller genres.

The Shallows (2016)

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The shark attacking Nancy on the rock in The Shallows

The Shallows is a film that got here out of nowhere and stunned everybody. A surfer in a distant bay turns into the sufferer of a shark defending its meals supply: a whale carcass. Boasting a number of the finest shark CGI on this subgenre, an awesome efficiency by Blake Full of life, and delightful cinematography, The Shallows is a contender for one of many solely films to rival Jaws.

Very similar to Jaws, it is horrifying, however it additionally incorporates a likable lead, some wholesome humor, and a sturdy tempo. Blake Full of life’s battles towards the shark are, for essentially the most half, slightly sensible and the story showcases a extra clever human character for as soon as. All this mixed with an exciting climax has turned The Shallows into a contemporary basic.

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