This yr’s MCU launch, Physician Unusual within the Multiverse of Insanity, additional developed the idea of the multiverse that Marvel had been alluding to all through its development. With infinite potentialities on the market, followers have provide you with numerous theories and hopes for franchise crossovers, nonetheless, one stays extra in style than the others: Marvel x Harry Potter.

The sheer massiveness of each fandoms, mixed with the good overlap between the 2 relating to issues like themes and showcasing magic. In fact, the a technique followers spotlight the parallels between the collection, together with hopes for a collab, is the web’s favourite technique of speaking: memes.


10 Voldemort Received Blipped

Followers who haven’t learn the books could also be shocked to appreciate that when Harry kills Voldemort, the Darkish Lord doesn’t simply disintegrate into the air; relatively, he dies from his rebounded Killing curse, and his shell-like corpse stays intact and lifeless on the bottom – identical to any mortal.

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Whereas this transformation was probably carried out for a extra dramatic finale, it’s a coincidence that the occasions of 2018’s Infinity Battle have been so harking back to the Darkish Lord’s demise. This hilarious meme shared by Redditor the_aaryaveer64 hyperlinks the 2, explaining that Voldemort’s loss of life actually simply lined up with Thanos’ snap (7 years late) – conveniently blipping Tom Riddle away.

9 Colleges of Fighters

The Raid of Kamar-Taj is likely one of the finest Multiverse of Insanity scenes to rewatch, with Wanda defeating everything of the fortress in a powerful show of her powers. However for Harry Potter followers, the scene main as much as the short combat bears many parallels to the Battle of Hogwarts, as proven on this meme posted by Reddit consumer CptnAmerica13.

The meme not solely relates the fortifying of Kamar-Taj to Hogwarts but additionally factors out the absurdity of getting college students combat a battle they have been in some ways unprepared for. To not point out their protected area being was a battleground in opposition to a vengeful magical being!

8 Harry = Sorceror Supreme?

Spider-Man: No Means Residence actually opened the portal for the MCU’s multiverse idea, dropped at life in Multiverse of Insanity. Given the infinite potentialities the multiverse brings, it’s not fully on the market to have a universe the place a Harry Potter and Marvel cross-over exists, such because the one proposed by this meme by Redditor JustProfiesta27.

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Whereas Physician Unusual could also be given excessive status in his world, whether or not or not he can be a match for the younger and gifted Chosen One is one thing followers would like to see. Though this meme stays a pipe-dream for Potterheads and MCU followers alike, it’s entertaining to think about what this battle of the wizards would entail.

7 ‘Yer Really a Sorceror, Harry

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s dynamic duo and finest MCU friendship, Sam and Bucky, had just a few robust opinions about what differentiates a wizard from a sorcerer. This mashup meme shared by Reddit consumer Not_a_selfieguy takes Sam’s distinction and hilariously applies it to Harry Potter by way of a preferred Imaginative and prescient meme template.

Though Harry and the opposite college students do technically put on hats in just a few scenes, for almost all of the collection they don’t. So, by Sam’s impeccable logic, Harry Potter is definitely not a wizard however as a substitute a less-cool, hat-less sorcerer.

6 The REAL Multiverse of Insanity

Many well-known collection have their Golden Trio, and for Harry Potter that slot is undoubtedly crammed by Harry, Hermione, and Ron. Throughout the MCU, nonetheless, this title may be given to a different troublesome trio that retains bending the foundations of actuality and time with their magic: Wanda, Stephen, and Loki.

Identical to the Hogwarts college students, these magic-wielders have brought about all types of bother for the Multiverse whereas on their private quests, a parallel hilariously showcased on this meme posted by Redditor Potential_Stay_4766. Plus, Wong positively provides off the identical caring however authoritative vibes as Minerva.

5 The Cloak of Drax

Considered one of Infinity Battle’s best quotes and most meme-able moments was Drax insisting he has mastered the power to face so nonetheless as to turn out to be invisible to the bare eye. A capability that will’ve been very helpful to Harry, given all of the sleuthing and hiding he needed to do.

Nonetheless, Harry had his invisibility cloak, which has been altered within the meme shared by Reddit consumer NoCounter7443 to include the Drax meme. With Drax’s spectacular invisibility expertise, Harry won’t ever be detected by anybody, whether or not or not it’s Demise Eaters or Gamora and Quill (Star-Lord, not professor) sharing an intimate second.

4 Professor Unusual

Readers of the Harry Potter collection will know that Dumbledore basically canonizes the Protection Towards the Darkish Arts professors’ curse, telling Harry they haven’t been in a position to retain any professor since he denied Voldemort the place a few years in the past.

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This mashup meme shared by a Reddit consumer alludes to the curse, positing Stephen as the latest Protection Towards the Darkish Arts trainer. Not solely does the meme acknowledge Unusual’s spectacular grasp of magic and wizardry, however it additionally highlights the standard Harry-Ron dynamic relating to well-known magical individuals.

3 ‘Yer A Witch, Wanda

Whereas Wanda’s powers have been attributed to the Thoughts Stone in Age of Ultron, WandaVision supplied some extra perception into who Wanda actually is: the Scarlet Witch. Though she denies her means to provide and management her chaos magic, Wanda finally embraces her powers by the point she seems in Multiverse of Insanity.

The scene of her being declared a witch by Agatha attracts a variety of similarities to a different well-known magic reveal: Hagrid telling Harry he’s a wizard, as portrayed on this meme shared by Redditor Sar01234. Given all of the worst issues which have occurred to Wanda, she’d be the right, worthy Marvel counterpart to Harry’s trauma, in addition to his magical ability.

2 Tom Marvolo Parker

A big a part of Voldemort’s model is his nostril, or relatively, lack thereof. Whereas there are many different wild particulars about Voldemort’s physique, the Harry Potter fandom has made numerous memes particularly about his nose-less look, however this mashup meme shared by Reddit consumer House_of_Spells takes the cake.

Not solely does it convey up a vaguely attainable – albeit fully out-there – concept, however it additionally precisely criticizes the shortage of performance relating to superhero masks. Whereas they await redesign, followers of each universes can discover solace that the pleasant neighborhood Darkish Lord continues to be flying about someplace.

1 Harry Potter or MCU Clip?

There are various overlapping parts current between the Wizarding World and the MCU. From themes of grief and loss to magical creatures and an enormous dangerous man bent upon mass genocide, the widespread denominators are what makes so many Potterheads Marvel followers and vice versa.

The 2 universes additionally look comparable by way of cinematography, as showcased on this meme posted by Redditor marcusbrian009. This nonetheless from Multiverse of Insanity might simply be mistaken for a shot from the Harry Potter or Incredible Beasts collection, all of which characteristic terrifying darkish creatures that might be wrongly recognized by non-fans of each franchises.

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