With the latest releases of Obi-Wan Kenobi and Unusual New Worlds, the 2 greatest science fiction franchises within the galaxy have every confirmed that they don’t seem to be going away any time quickly. Ever since they each got here on the scene, followers have vehemently debated about which is one of the best, and lots of nonetheless consider that Star Trek is superior to Star Wars.

From its relatable characters, to its intricate world constructing, many followers of Trek have considerate and well-worded causes as to why they like the franchise. Customers on Reddit took to the positioning in droves to settle the controversy, and lots of defined why they thought that Star Trek really dominated the nerd universe.


Spaceship Designs

USS Enterprise D

Whereas aesthetics aren’t crucial a part of any story, it’s usually used as a protection of the Star Wars franchise. Nonetheless, consumer Draculasmooncannon took the other tack, writing “Wars suffers from an issue that plenty of sci-fi suffers from the place most spacecraft seem like gray bins…I really like how addicted the Federation are to these groovy alien craft…nonetheless compel me greater than an X-Wing ever may.”

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Being a product of their time, the early Trek ships have a retro look. Even so, the inside designs of the Federation vessels are imminently sensible and mirror precise use versus inflexible aesthetics. The ships in Wars have been designed to be as interesting as attainable, however outdoors of toy traces, they don’t seem to be essentially very sensible.

The Characters Are Extra Relatable

Placing the entire sci-fi parts apart, Trek is basically a personality pushed narrative, and their private journey trumps a bigger plot. Person Wake_Roberts praised Star Trek‘s characters once they mentioned “For me, the characters are much more relatable and wonderful pillars of Federation ideas.”

In Wars, the characters are put in within the story to serve the aim of driving the plot alongside, and so they often signify archetypes of classical storytelling. Whereas Trek‘s characters usually function a richness that sees them wrestle with the world round them in ways in which make them relatable. The viewer might by no means take down a Dying Star with their magical powers, however they’ll relate to the deep points that vex Trek‘s crew members.

Star Trek Had Higher World Constructing Than Star Wars

Worf and two Klingons undergo a death ritual in Star Trek: The Next Generation

World constructing is one strategy to enhance the viewer’s expertise, and make the story really feel extra actual. Person BuddhaKekz thought Trek did world-building higher once they wrote “I do just like the world-building. There are a whole lot of attention-grabbing cultures…not every thing is tied to a particular idea. That means there may be in my eyes a lot extra room for attention-grabbing storytelling.”

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Wars‘ driving plot line would not permit for a lot of a world to exist outdoors of the principle story arc. Nonetheless, in Trek, there are tons of races who aren’t outlined by their relationship to the Federation, and exist in their very own sovereign means. World constructing is integral to Trek and permits every episode to additional flesh out the residing universe that the franchise exists inside.

A Little Bit Of Every part

Whereas each franchises have outlined the world of science fiction, some consider that Trek is not completely restricted to its fundamental style. Person basicchannels defined succinctly once they wrote “With Star Trek you get movie noir, historical past…even westerns, they’re by no means afraid to skip between the boundaries of their style conventions. Star Wars, alternatively, is just like the poster boy for its style.”

Whereas it is not all the time essential to go outdoors of conference, some followers consider that selection is what makes Trek superior. There may be little thriller within the Wars movies, and with Trek‘s many nice holodeck episodes, they get a possibility to mess around with any style, or story construction, that they select.

It Has One thing To Say

Morality has been tied to the guts of Star Trek‘s storytelling since The Authentic Sequence, and its many messages have come to outline it as a franchise. Person TestingforScience123 in contrast the 2 franchises on these grounds once they mentioned “What makes Trek superior is that it has some extent, a objective…Star Wars is only a area western with area wizards…the great guys win as a result of they’re good guys.”

Star Trek stood out from the remainder of its TV contemporaries as a result of it had one thing to say concerning the world, and it did it by weaving its personal morality into the narratives. Wars would not stray removed from archetypal storytelling and is definitely locked rigidly into that classical mode. Wars has little to say aside from that good individuals are good and dangerous individuals are dangerous.

Extra Sophisticated Tales

Four Romulans on a remote planet in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Leisure’s final objective is to easily entertain, however some viewers attempt for greater than popcorn diversions. Person NoisyPiper27 noticed that as a energy of Trek once they commented “I’ve all the time most popular that Star Trek offers in ethical gray areas…Trek‘s tales are about exploration, each within the bodily and psychological world…It permits us to look past folks as simply impediments, and asks us to look nearer.”

Even Trek‘s strongest aliens are nonetheless residing beings with their very own needs and needs. This difficult internet of motivations results in a richer storyline than the classical good versus evil tropes of the Star Wars franchise. The Romulans, for example, aren’t simply villains, they’re a residing race of individuals who see themselves as sovereign beings identical to the Federation members do.

Science Fiction Over Science Fantasy

Geordi LaForge and Data

Although each franchises are tentpoles of the science fiction style, many followers do not really view them in the identical means. Person DrDagless examined their love for Trek by explaining “The primary cause my coronary heart belongs to Trek is as a result of it actually embraces what it means to be science fiction…goes all in to try to create a considerably plausible universe constructed on science…Star Wars alternatively…hardly ever issues itself with science or the little particulars.”

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It could come right down to a matter of desire, however Trek followers consider that it’s the consideration to element that makes it a superior franchise. Wars leans closely into the fantasy parts of its story and the truth that it’s set in area is merely incidental.

Utopian Future

Quark's employees stand up for their rights from Deep Space Nine

Science fiction is often fairly dour relating to speculating concerning the potentialities of life within the universe, Trek was distinctive in that it did not comply with that development. Person JeanLucPicard1981 reveled in Trek‘s utopian message once they wrote “Star Trek is thought-provoking and a future I might like to see. Star Wars is a universe I might fairly not dwell in”.

Even placing apart the utopian society introduced by the Federation, the universes themselves differ of their potentialities. Trek implies closely that anybody is able to doing magnificent issues, whereas in Wars, solely the “chosen one” can save the day. There may be an unwelcoming nature to the Wars universe that suggests life is fairly horrible for anybody who is not necessary sufficient.

Trek Has A Theme

William Shatner as Captain Kirk on the Enterprise B in Star Trek Generations

The perfect episodes of Star Trek usually go a protracted strategy to serve the collection’ central theme, and the franchise strives to discover that theme to the deepest attainable degree. Person Mimikyu-Overlord most popular Trek‘s themes to Wars‘ once they wrote “Star Trek as a franchise has a recurring under-theme; the human equation and what makes an individual…That is what Star Wars lacks – a typical and deep theme.”

Good versus evil isn’t a theme, it’s a battle, however battle is not theme. Each franchises are large and span the likes of tv, films, and books, however solely Trek has a through-line that’s evident throughout the board. Wars‘ simplicity makes it accessible, however it leaves little to be explored in any thought-provoking method.

Amount Of High quality

Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation

Within the age of large media consumption, much less is definitely no more. Person Inevitable-Peanut-28 performed a easy numbers recreation when choosing a favourite, stating “The vast majority of Star Wars media is fairly mediocre…Whereas Star Trek positively has its weaker elements there are such a lot of unbelievable episodes.”

With total trilogies of Star Wars movies lacking the mark, the franchise’s batting common is definitely fairly low. Trek has an abundance of episodes from over 5 a long time of TV which can be examples of shining moments within the medium, and even a number of of its movies have been smashing successes.

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