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  Start tracking site visitors in 5 minutes.

iVisitorStats gives you real-time detailed web statistics!

Site analytical filtered by search engines and two keyword fields. Comes with month over view, live up-to-date onscreen data feed, and the ability to remove your own IP address out of the pool of stats to get a true and accurate visitor count.

Works nicely with Google Analytics and other third party tracking plug-ins and does not interfere with your site's functionality.

Don't just count visitors; analyze them to build a better online marketing campaign. It work great with Googles AdWords or Yahoo!' Overture Search Marketing

  • Know where your visitors came from
  • Know the keywords they use to hit your site
  • Know every page your visitor visited
  • Know the visitor's computer system and browser
  • Get real-time up-to-date statistics
  • $100 for first years - Second Year FREE!.
  • Free 10 Day Trial.
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